QND Advance / Standard

'One-Fit-All/Any' - Best of All IT Asset Management Solutions!

  • The most commonly used operations are iconized on top to save your work time.
  • Two unique software dictionaries working together are provided so as to save your work on compliance.
    • Software Identification Dictionary Over 76,000 Software Apps
    • Software Licensing Contracts Dictionary Over 7,400 Software Apps
  • Surely controls over USB storage devices, and even those devices connected to smartphones via MTP/PTP.
  • Visualizes what your end-users do on PCs; 14 types of operation logs are recorded on PCs and uploaded to the central server where you can view using a console.
  • As well as PCs and smartphones, VDI, off-line computers, and peripherals are under control.
  • URL DB containing 77 categories with 22-billion URL domain names blocks end-users' accesses to high risk websites.

IID AWARDs Success for End-User Support in IT Asset Management
"Security Award Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses 2015"

Primary Features of QND

★ represents the features of QND Advance

IT Asset Management

Based on primary hardware management, exhaustive functionalities for IT management such as software license MGMT backed by EUA and remote control are provided. And with surely user-friendly UIs.

Inventorying and creating asset sheets
Automatic deployment with exceptions
Asset management of off-line computers
Remote management of PCs using the Intel®vPro™ technology
Power management of PCs
Multiple Device Management

Security Governance

Security-oriented features in depth are provided: URL filtering to block access to untrusted servers and Websites, watching end-user OPs to provide quick discovery of unwanted behaviors on PCs, and external media device control supporting for MTP/PTP.

Applying security patches (can work with WSUS)
Maintaining and managing configurations
SPM regular policy check: correction or deterrence
Launch control of software applications
Detecting network accesses
External media device control 
URL filtering 

Software Management

Number of Installed software applications
Categorization of software applications
License management backed by the contracts 

Operation Logs on PCs

Scanning/Uploading log data centrally stored on Server 
Filtering logs