January 2013 Relaunched "QND Standard" and "QND Advance" renamed from "QND Plus" and "QAW" respectively.
November 2012 The Group's headquarters, Quality and QualitySoft Corporations moved to 3-3-4 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
July 2011 Released "Quality Gather & Guard" to protect from leakage of sensitive and personal information.
April 2011 Reopened "Tamana Shokudo" renamed from "earth art cafe AOYAMA."
March 2011 "Green IT Plug-In (QPM)" received "2011 Wakayama Pre. Innovation Performance Award."
October 2010 Had thoroughly renovated ISM come out for a cloud computing solution to start up the ISM CloudOne service.
ISM Cloud One
July 2010 Released "Quality Quick Recovery", backup and recovery solution.
Quality Quick Recovery
July 2010 Aggregated software sales and IT services into QualitySoft Corporation as the Group's intensified sales forces.
July 2010 Started up "Shared Services" to integrate functions including product planning, publicity, marketing, information system and administration across Quality Group companies.
Jun 2010 Started up "ISM (Information Security Management) services" to maintain security for businesses as part of J-SaaS led by METI.
March 2010 Released "Quality Gaaiho PDF Suite", PDF creating, editing and converting software tool.
Quality Gaaiho PDF Suite
February 2010 Established totally-held subsidiary "QualityLife Corporation" to start up IT support business to farming industry.
October 2009 Released "DKS Plus for Lotus Domino Direct."
DKS Plus for Lotus Domino Direct
July 2009 Released "Security Governance Supporting Services."
January 2009 Established totally-held subsidiary "PCO Service Corporation" (currently QualitySoft Corporation) focusing on security consultation and operation services.
January 2008 Released "Quality Operate Hawkeye" to keep track of user operations on PCs.
Quality Operate Hawkeye
September 2007 Released "IT Security Manager" to manage and maintain security.
IT Security Manager
September 2007 Released "eX Report", optional program for QND for security auditing and log trailing.
eX Report
January 2007 Released "eX LIC", maintenance and management of software configurations on PCs.
August 2006 Released "eX IFM/IPD", optional program for QND for visualization and connection monitoring of IT assets.
August 2005 Released "DKS Plus" to add access control on inter-enterprise files.
DKS Plus
March 2005 Released "eX PDS(Privacy Document Searcher)" to detect personal information files.
eX PDS(Privacy Document Searcher)
December 2004 Released "eX CLT(Client Log Tracer)" to keep track of user behaviors on PCs.
Presented "QND Solution for integrated measure against personal information."
Released "QND Suite for measure against information leaks" (QND Plus, eX CLT and eX WP).
September 2004 Released "eX WP (Write Protector)" to restrict the use of external USB memory storage devices.
eX WP(Write Protector)
Jun 2004 Released "Secure Controller Enhance Kit", quarantine network solution.
January 2004 Opened Nagoya branch.
August 2003 Released "QND eX RV(eX RV)", optional program to enhance QND Plus functionalities.
July 2003 Opened "QualitySoft Corporation, Seattle" (totally-held subsidiary).
Jun 2003 Released "QDE(Quality Disk Eraser)" for erasure of hard disk.
January 2003 Opened "QualitySoft Corporation, Seoul" (totally-held subsidiary) in Seoul, South Korea.
October 2002 Opened totally-held subsidiary "QualitySoft, Shanghai" in Shanghai, China.
February 2002 Released PDF creation tool "DocuCom PDF Driver" supporting Windows NT, 2000, XP, 95, 98 and Me.
DocuCom PDF Driver
October 2001 Opened Osaka branch.
September 2001 "QND Plus" received 2001 Information Technology Promotion - Chair Person Monthly Award.
Released file access control solution "Data KeyServer."
QND Plus
Jun 2001 Established R&D center "SRI (Shirahama Research Institute) Corporation in Wakayama."
May 2001 The Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS) named "Quality Asset Watcher" as a recommended anti-piracy protection solution.
Quality Asset Watcher
April 2001 Released "Quality Asset Watcher", ultimate solution for software licensing.
Quality Asset Watcher
October 2000 The Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS) named "QND Plus" as a recommended anti-piracy protection solution.
QND Plus
November 1999 Moved to 1-4-5 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
October 1999 Provided "QND Plus" free of charge for Y2K.
QND Plus
August 1999 Affiliated with Zeon of Taiwan regarding domestic sales of PDF tools.
Released "DocuCom PDF Driver" (PDF creation tool) supporting Widows 95/98.
DocuCom PDF Driver
Jun 1998 Released "Quality Multi Viewer."
February 1998 Released "QND Plus" (IT asset management software).
QND Plus
October 1997 Released "Concurrent Office" supporting concurrent licensing applications.
Concurrent Office
August 1997 Released "KeyServer" supporting Windows NT.
April 1996 Opened QualitySoft Corporation (San Jose, California) for the first step to start overseas operations.
Established "KeyServer User Association - Advocating Concurrent Licensing."
September 1995 Moved to 27 Ichibancho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
October 1993 Released "KeyServer" (network license management software for Mac).
September 1986 Changed company name to "Quality Corporation."
Moved to 22 Ichibancho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
April 1984 Moved to 3-5-8 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
February 1984 "Quality Service Corporation" established at 4 Ichibancho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Translation services for software and hardware, documentation for marketing and promotion, system development including UNIX translation system and software sales.