ISM CloudOne

Simple operations with rich features bring about integrated and streamlined IT management.

Total Endpoint Management Empowered by
the Japanese-Made Solution "ISM (IT Security Manager) CloudOne"

- Global, Multi-Device Control Experiences from Desktops to Hand-Held Mobiles -

  • The cloud approach gets endpoint management operations global and transparent.
  • Trilingual UIs extend endpoint management tasks to English, Chinese and Japanese speaking IT staff.
  • Centrally managed security policies reach diverse endpoints in all directions, even the longest radius.
  • Both corporate data and sensitive data are kept secured inside/outside your premise.
  • Both physical and virtual endpoints are equally handled for management.
  • The single Web-console covers all endpoints from desktops to mobile devices.
  • Endpoint management tasks are easily streamlined into automated actions.

"Over 40,000 enterprises put into service" tells all, followed by the facts above!

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ISM CloudOne is a cloud solution that keeps endpoints secured in its configurations and applications to provide stable usability for workforces along with your organization's security policy, public regulations and compliances. The solution will cut costs and complexities; plus, it will reduce IT staff’s daily workloads by optimizing their endpoint management tasks.

Security Profile & Reports

Based on the Security Profile that we develop and update daily, our viable anti-threat definitions including malware and vulnerability countermeasures, your organization as a whole is automatically rated in a scheme of security levels and gets detailed reports for narrowed actions.

All you have to do is to check at what security level your organization currently stands once a day, and make corrective actions onto troubled endpoints gathered in list from the Web-console.

Security Profile comprised from

1) Malware definitions with more than 2,000 instances
2) Vulnerability countermeasures,
  Windows Updates
  Application Updates
  Antivirus Software Updates and Definitions
  Browsers, Java Updates
Security Profile & Reports

The Three Major Management

Discover, Update and Protect All of Your Endpoint from a single, intuitive console.

A Free 30-Day Trial of ISM CloudOne

QualitySoft can offer the free trial of ISM CloudOne for 30 days. If you are interested, please contact us from here and tell us that you want to try ISM CloudOne. Our person in charge will contact you by email to provide you 30-day trial credentials to login to ISMCloudOne Server and other necessary information.

(1) Functions are restricted. (See the below “Functions Available for Trial” for details.)
(2) This free trial allows you to handle up to 10-client endpoints.

Use the free trial of ISM CloudOne at your own risk.

System Requirements

The expected Web-console machine and managed endpoints have to be accessible to the Internet - data are transferable via HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Refer to the detailed system requirements.

Functions Available for Trial

  • Scanning hardware and software inventory data from endpoints and uploading to ISM Client Server.
  • Generating/displaying a security diagnostic result
  • Generating/displaying reports:
      Computers with applications unpatched
      Computers with no antivirus software
      Computers installed with "banned (prohibited) software"
      Software license gap
      Hardware inventory
      Software inventory
  • Managing mobile devices including Android, iPhone, iPad/iPad2 and the third generation iPad
  • Managing printers

Note: Forcible application of Windows updates is not workable under the WSUS environment.