What makes QualitySoft the Japan’s leading IT management solution provider?

At Qualitysoft Corporation, we share any IT troubles arising from our customers between the customers and us. This is the key for us to provide down-to-earth solutions that serve IT management and security for IT staff.
Based on our customer-interacted commitment, our software products, for the best solutions ever, are being driven to help IT staff do more and do things faster to solve problems and even overcome challenges.
Our long-selling software solution QND is working for 4.4 million of diverse computers and keeps them secure. Our new flagship solution ISM CloudOne introduced to over 50,000 enterprises since the product was released in 2007 extends its IT management and security functionalities to smart devices in addition to PCs, Smart Device in the office and on the go.
Both of the software products are supported by trilingual user interfaces in English, Chinese, and surely Japanese so that you can deploy IT staff from much wider choices for IT management and security tasks at local sites worldwide.

Group Companies and Business Offices

Quality Group Chart

Quality Group QualitySoft Corporation Planning, development and sales of packaged software, cloud computing services and appliance products
QualityLife Corporation Creating and performing business in supporting primary industry (farming industry)
QualitySoft, Shanghai Software development and sales in the Chinese market

QualitySoft Corporation

Headquarters, Shirahama
Address 1701-3 Shirahamacho naka Nishimuro District, Wakayama 649-2333 Japan
Phone +81-0739-45-1001
FAX +81-0739-45-1008
Headquarters, Tokyo
Address 3-3-4 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
Phone +81-3-5275-6121
FAX +81-3-5275-6130

Group Companies

QualitySoft Corporation, Shanghai
Address Room H,23F,Hi-Tech King World(E), #668 Beijing Rd(E), Shanghai, China
URL http://www.qualitysoft.com.cn/

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