Security Management

Security Vulnerability Diagnosis

Diagnoses security vulnerability of client devices with the “security profile” which is updated everyday and indicates security in one of the 5 security levels.

Antivirus SW Install Status Report

Summarizes who install antivirus software and lists who don’t update the software latest version or who stop the activation.

Forcible Windows Updating

Keeps secure Windows client devices to enforce updating Windows critical updates and antivirus software on client PCs.

Banned Application Control

When user uses a banned application, you can detect who install the app and control launching the app.

Security Alert Mail

Tells an administrator whether any security incident is happened by daily mail which is sent automatically. You can check what kind of incident is happened from this mail.

External Media Control (Option)

Controls an external media such as USB memory, Android and iOS devices, not to leak confidential information.Not only just controlling, but user can copies the data by applying to an administrator from a tool on the desktop.

Collecting User Operation Logs (Option)

Prevents confidential information leakage or user’s inappropriate activities by collecting user operation logs on PCs.

File/Disk Encryption (Option)

Encrypt endpoint HDD including OS, operating systems and user data. Also, ISM CloudOne manages recovery files which need for decryption.

Application Uninstallation

For emergency action, uninstalls all of application in smart devices which ISM CloudOne distributed to prevent information leakage.

Network Connection Control

Manages Wi-Fi and VPN setup from the console screen. Prevents malware infection by limiting Wi-Fi network connections and VPN access points.

SD card/Bluetooth Control

Manages security risk to restrict SD cards and Bluetooth access.

ISM Client Program Restarting

Detects the Android devices which is stopped ISM client program and restarts the program automatically within 10 sec.

Detecting CONFIG Profile Deletion

Notifies an administration that the configuration profile on a client device is deleted.

Locating the Client Devices

No worry even if a client device is lost, locates the lost device and shows it on the Google Maps or Bing Maps.

Remote Lock/Wipe

Locks a client device remotely if user lose the device. When if somebody steal the device, you can also reset all setting and contents.

Rooted/Jail broken Devices

Detects a rooted/jailbroken device and sends an alert mail to an administrator. The jailbroken device is listed as “clients with no vulnerability actions” on the console screen.

Set up Stringent Policy

You can set up stringent policy in case you detect a failure in compliance. Also you can enforce the stringent policy towards.